Steve Watson – “Ventura Blasts Culture That ‘Cannot Handle The Truth'”

Ventura Blasts Culture That “Cannot Handle The Truth”
Former Governor decries corporate media, two party system, highlights disgust at “failed political leadership”

Steve Watson | July 15, 2008

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has hit out at a now entrenched culture that “cannot handle the truth” when it comes to the events of 9/11, the war in Iraq, the devastation that has been wrought on the economy and the “failed political leadership” of the last eight years.

Ventura spoke exclusively to the nationally syndicated Alex Jones Show yesterday, in an hour long interview that allowed the independent governor to divulge a great deal more than in his later appearance on CNN.

Ventura would go on to announce on Larry King Live that he would not be running for Senate because he was not comfortable with the furor that would encompass his family should he take on such a commitment.

However, Ventura had already given more of an insight to listeners of the Alex Jones show, stating that he had to speak to both his children separately before coming to a decision and that his apprehensions stemmed from previous instances of harassment from the mainstream media during his time as Minnesota Governor.

Asked why the Senate run story had been concocted in the first instance by ABC last week, Ventura answered:

“Because they make everything up, they are in the business of ratings and so if they can beat all the other networks to the punch, they’re gonna do it and accuracy is a secondary thing.”

Ventura had more scathing words for the corporate media, as it became clear that his past experiences with the press were going to play a major role in his decision whether to run or not:

“I think our country now is paralleling Rome. I think we’re heading right down the same path, and that is entertainment is the most important thing in our lives now, not our jobs… The media says that is what we want. Is it true that the public wants National Enquirer journalism on the evening news every night? I mean the news today I think would make Water Cronkite want to throw up.”

Ventura went on to decry the two party system and hit out at what he described as the misguided belief that change is just a vote away:

“I don’t believe the Democrats are against the war, they just pretend to be, they are for it too. You notice now that Barack Obama is now even hedging, at first he was saying ‘I’m gonna pull us out as soon as I get in there’. Well, now all of a sudden it’s hedge time, because he’s been told by the powers, I guess, that you can’t do that.” Ventura, a former Navy Seal said.

“You’re not going to see change with a Democrat, you’re not going to see change with a Republican, the only way you’re going to see change happen in this country is to elect an independent and this country won’t do it, they are too entrenched with the two party system… Not only does the two headed snake control our government, but they also control all the rules and it’s very difficult to beat anybody when they can change the rules at half time.” he continued.

Ventura first appeared on the Alex Jones show earlier in the year to reveal his questions and concerns over the official government version of events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. In this return appearance the former governor reprised the subject.

“I simply asked questions that to me have not been adequately answered. I consider myself a demolition expert because I spent four years on active duty in the Navy on the underwater demolition team, I was trained by the best demolition men the United States has and every time I watch those buildings come down now, over and over again, and I look at a building that has been demolished, they’re identical. Yet if you bring that up or state that, right away you are considered crazy.” Ventura said.

Ventura described his concern that everyday Americans are operating in a waking form of sleep, which has promoted a culture where people would rather not know the truth because it is easier to accept a system where you accept as gospel what the government and the media tells you.

However, he also stressed that the current economic downturn may force people to shake themselves out of their slumber.

“The problem with this war from day one has been that it took five years for the pain to get here. But now the pain has arrived because this war plays a big part in the horrible shape that our economy is in today.”

“Maybe it will wake them up and tell them that war is not a good thing, that war is not a profit maker, that it doesn’t help your economy, in fact it does the opposite, it destroys the economy.”

“A war is the result of failed political leadership, it is that simple.” Ventura blasted.


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  1. I think that Governor Ventura’s comments are right on cue and Americans should ask why!

    Why are we fighting a war with a country that didn’t attack us?
    How come we haven’t gotten Osama Bin Ladden yet?
    With the twin towers, how can two buildings come down in a fashion that seems like implosion rather than explosion?
    How many terrorist attacks have there been since 911?

    Terrorist work in “cells” that has been said or printed in every major newspaper and magazine; or said ion nearly every television news station or talk radio show around the country. From documentaries to the internet. And what still surprises me is that we have lost thousands of Americans and still…

    No weapons of mass destruction…
    No terrorist cells brought down…
    No real dent in terrorist activities or their “clandestine” networking operations…
    No real proof that Osama Bin Ladden actually did “blow up” the buildings….
    No one really in charge in Washington…The light is on and no one’s home….

    Families of the 911 victims never really receiving any compensation nor honest and or clear accountability of who, what and why?

    Why are there various contractors in Iraq?
    How much money are they getting? These contractors…
    What services are they performing?
    Why are our troops still over there?
    When, exactly when are they coming home? (Sounds like that other little war in the late 60’s we were supposed to be fighting “communism“ then)

    Simply put; this war is over oil! I’m not saying anything that others haven’t already said or thought when it comes to this context and reference on “why we are there.” The government-(that’s mainly you George) should stop lying to the American people and tell the them the truth…

    You have a few rich and powerful people at the top who decided that they could make a “hell of a lot of money” in Iraq, but all they had to do was to start a little war…(Pelican Brief ring a bell?)

    Our governmental system for the most part is corrupt-(not all politicians, lobbyist, etc.,) for the most part by the ones in control and calling the shots. And the victims, the real victims are the Iraqis and the American people who are constantly being pulled from one side to the other.

    A back and forth action that pits US against Middle east. We don’t need to be there. We should leave Iraq before George and the rest of his cohorts make life after his presidency more unbearable.

    With this “war on terrorism” do you know what it has cost in the term of human life and money? How much more is it going to cost?

  2. Agreed. Welcome to the Revolution Will Not Be Digitized. news archive. :)

    Please continue to keep dropping by and reading our stories… and, heck, while you’re at it, check out our podcast! :)


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