Kurt Nimmo – “Bush On Economy: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain”


Bush On Economy: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Kurt Nimmo | July 16, 2008

Like an idiot savant parroting the words of his master, Bush tells us the faltering economy and gas prices over $4 a gallon are the fault of the Democrats. “On Saturday, President Bush tried to pin the blame on Congress for soaring energy prices and said lawmakers need to lift long-standing restrictions on drilling for oil in pristine lands and offshore tracts believed to hold huge reserves of fuel,” reports the Associated Press. “It’s time for members of Congress to address the pain that high gas prices are causing our citizens,” said the decider-commander. “Every extra dollar that American families spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table or send a child to college. The American people deserve better.”

Astronomical gas prices have nothing to do with Democrats or Anwar — sky-high prices are the direct result of a devalued fiat currency and the inflationary polices of our rulers. Blame can be placed at the doorstep of the Federal Reserve, as in Federal Express, and can be attributed to the bankers. Bush would have you believe it is all about supply and demand, never mind U.S. consumption of fuel has dropped by millions of gallons since last year. It’s about inflation, a deliberate policy of the Fed at the behest of the global elite.

Recall, back in 2005, the global elite, under the guise of the Bilderbergers, called for oil prices to rise, from $40 a barrel at the time to $150, a scheme reported by Bilderberg researcher and American Free Press editor Jim Tucker. During the 2005 conference, Henry Kissinger told his fellow attendees the elite wanted oil prices to go through the ceiling. The following year in Ottawa, Canada, it was decided at the Bilderberg conference the price of a barrel of oil would go to $105 by the end of this year, a plan so far not only realized but exceeded.

“The global elite are conspiring to send oil prices crashing through the $200 dollar a barrel mark as part of an organized agenda to hike profits, bring about a global economic crash and torpedo the middle class, and they’re not afraid to attack Iran as a means of achieving their goal,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote last September. “By pushing peak oil theories and tying them in with the man-made global warming fraud , Bilderberg seeks to jack up oil prices to the point where the living standards of the middle class become unsustainable and the west is lowered into second world status while fat cat elitists reap the financial and political bounty.” Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. forecasted that oil prices will reach $150 to $200 dollars a barrel within 2 years, according to Bloomberg.

“It’s been a difficult time for many American families,” said Bush.

Indeed — and times will be more difficult in the months ahead as the global elite deliberately bring the economy to a crashing halt, as they have done elsewhere.

“The fact that America’s downward financial spiral started in earnest shortly after the Trilateral Commission was founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, is not incidental,” explains the August Review. “The very policies that brought us the ‘New International Economic Order’ (their own phrase) have wrecked our country…. In 30-40 short years, America has gone from the strongest and most stable nation in the world, to one of the weakest and unstable. Poor Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall, but few people will see the real truth that Humpty was actually pushed” by a plundering global elite.

Unfortunately, far too many people are unable to see Humpty Dumpty’s fall and instead buy into the flaccid explanations offered by the globalist puppet George Bush.

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