Allan Taylor – “Why do so many people believe in catastrophic global warming?”

Why do so many people believe in catastrophic global warming?

Allan Taylor | July 31, 2008

This is a good question. The reason is that global warming is the new fashionable religion of Western democracies. Christian church attendances have long been declining and belief in global warming has filled the gap as media propaganda about its supposed catastrophic environmental effects pervades the world and alarms the populace.

This new Green eco-religion is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is as dangerous. Unchecked it could result in the downfall of Western civilization as we know it today, or should I say, of yesterday, for already some Governments have implemented very unwise climate change policies derived from unscientific Green beliefs.

Every religion, or belief system, has a “big stick” or propaganda to coerce the unsuspecting public to their cause. The Christian churches used to preach “hell fire and brimstone” to control their believers. The Communists promoted the idea of the “wickedness of Western capitalism”, and now the Green Eco-religion has “catastrophic global warming” to scare the living daylights out of everyone.

All this is egged on by the media, by TV, radio and newspapers, largely, I suspect because they are always under pressure to fill up the news space with anything that remotely seems to be news, whether or not it has any verification of truth about it. In such a competitive business the media is stretched to filter out the wheat from the chaff and relies on the viewer to do so.

Intermingled with this fault is media bias which is non-reporting of “politically incorrect” viewpoints. Here the owners, or managers of the media outlets have taken a stand on some issue and restrict the reporting to favor and bolster their belief system. So, viewer and listener beware! Still, the present imperfect Western media system is better than having a wholly Government controlled one, Heaven forbid! More on this topic in References.

Global warming and climate change are the most misunderstood topics existing today. They seem deliberately made confusing by the media and the Green movement. Much of the Green philosophy of having a cleaner world and of conserving energy and reducing waste is sensible, even admirable, and I support many of their endeavors to do this, but where I draw the line is when nonscientific factors (= bull) and witchcraft are introduced to promote some idealistic theory that will lead us to economic disaster and/or a supposed “Green Utopia”. Such activity is no different in principal from when in the past other fanatical groups wanted a Communist or Fascist world.

Climate change is not a new phenomenon. It has always been with us (for the last 4 billion years) and always will be with us. We are fortunate to live on this dynamic planet, the Earth. Human beings have only been around in any quantity for the last few thousand years! No amount of draconian Government policies involving “carbon trading schemes” or “carbon taxes” now proposed will make the slightest difference to climate change or global warming because these are a natural phenomenon, like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. In other words, don’t blame increases in atmospheric CO2 for natural events over which we puny human beings have no control, for Nature rules the world!

Can we stop global warming? Is it leading us to an over heated world and a global environmental catastrophe? Sorry NO, on both counts and witchcraft won’t work!

Global warming also, is not a new phenomenon, and together with global cooling is part of climate change. It has always happened. Scientific observations to date indicate that global warming at present is not happening (not in the last decade, and only 0.7 C in the last 100 years). It is not caused by man-made CO2 emissions or results from the observed increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, rather the opposite i.e., significant global warming, when it has occurred in the past, causes an “out-gassing” of the oceans and soils resulting in an increase in atmospheric CO2, with a time lag of some 500 to 800 years (1). So much for Al Gore’s unscientific and alarmist documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” which received a 2007 Academy Award and together with the IPCC resulted in the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. What a travesty of the original award system!

Another monumental “stuff up” was the US Supreme Court decision on 2 April 2007 to rule that atmospheric CO2 was a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. It was a close decision but was political rather than scientific. Ever since then there has been a surge in unwarranted hounding of CO2 gas, which has been responsible for so many people believing in catastrophic global warming. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Atmospheric CO2, which amounts to only 385 ppm on global average is a vital life giving component for the biosphere. The fact that it is slowly increasing by ca 1 to 2 ppm each year is nothing to worry about and is a good thing, say many scientists (2). How can they say that? Well, 100 years ago the CO2 level is estimated to have been ca 290 ppm, and all was well then. Since 1908 there has been an apparent measured increase of almost 100 ppm and nothing untoward has happened to the world i.e., no dissolving of coral reefs or sea level rises etc) any more than what happened in the previous 100 years. However, what is important is that this change has had considerable beneficial effects on the biosphere and mankind.

Rate of growth of crops and forests have increased considerably and now we can (almost) feed 6.6 billion people instead of the ca 1.5 billion people that existed on Earth in 1908. Horticulturists regularly use controlled hot house atmospheres of 900 ppm CO2 to boost plant growth rates by 40%. What we need is more CO2 in the atmosphere, not less.

Many enclosed homes and lecture theaters full of people breathing out CO2 brings levels to 1000 ppm unnoticed by humans but loved by pot plants. No way is atmospheric CO2 a pollutant for we eat it (bread), drink it (beer and sparkling wine), breath it and enjoy it.

Viva la CO2 and down with the US Supreme Court!

References for reliable climate change information:

(1) David Evan’s article “No Smoking Hot Spots” in “The Australian” newspaper, July 18, 2008. Evans is a computer scientist who worked 6 years for the Australian Greenhouse Office. He concludes “there is no evidence to support the idea that carbon emissions cause significant global warming. None.” To read article try googling “David Evans, climate change, Australia”.

(2) Try googling “Theunen Institute”, Germany. Scientists report… “CO2, the gas some see as a threat, is indeed the key to life on Earth.” and scientific paper “The Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide” by A.B. Robinson et al., find by googling “Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine”.

The major TV and radio news media (BBC, DW, ABC, CNN et al ) are just propaganda vehicles
for the global warming cause and promote renewable resources, carbon emissions trading and red herrings ad nauseam. Only very rarely, and then reluctantly, will they broadcast anything contrary to this belief system (e.g., the UK documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle”).

Newspapers are almost as bad but some do take delight in stirring the pot on climate change and attack what is “politically correct”, e.g. “The Australian”, which is Australia’s national newspaper, and Melbourne’s “Herald Sun”, have the entertaining and sharp columnists Andrew Bolt and Terry McCrann who make mince-meat of the global warmists. Try googling their blogs and readers comments … “How dare McCrann use science to disprove religion!”. However, any publication or article of substance on climate change is picked up by Internet websites that specialize in this topic.

The eco-news website “Climate Debate Daily” ( is very useful in this regard as it presents the information in two columns. The LHS is “Calls to Action” which is predominantly global warming hysteria and dross, while the RHS is “Dissenting Voices” which is predominantly serious and reliable climate change information. Both sides are added to at the average rate of one new article per day.

A greater amount of reliable climate change information can be obtained from the SPPI (Science and Public Policy Institute), at Washington DC ( and for the Australian scene try the Lavoisier Group of scientists at ( Happy hunting!

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