Dan Spielberg – “Don’t Call the Cops. Ever.”


Don’t Call the Cops. Ever.

Dan Spielberg | August 4, 2008

It’s clear from reading the daily news that the police in this country have become as big a menace to the average American as any officially designated “criminal” could ever be. Officially designated criminals at least are restrained by fear of discovery and try to make their behavior as inconspicuous as possible whereas the police have no such fear because they are “the law.” They feel no compunction against using all manner of force, including sexual assault and murder, at any place and at any time in this supposedly free land of ours. It is high time to reconsider the very necessity of the modern police force, which is actually based on the system of “law enforcement” wielded by the tyrannical Kings of England to enforce their evil decrees on the people, and not on the system that prevailed in early America in which the people of the town themselves hired the Sheriff whose job it was to protect them, and not to enforce governmental decrees upon them.

If you doubt what I have said, maybe we should consult Mace Hutchinson, the 16-year-old boy in Ozark, Missouri, who fell from a bridge, broke his back and then was tasered 19 times by the police. Why was a child with a broken back tortured by electrocution? Well, he REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH THE POLICE OFFICERS’ ORDERS! A high offense to be sure, as we all know police officers are second in holiness only to U.S. soldiers. But why did these heroes in blue feel that an unarmed, obviously injured boy was a threat to them? Well you see, he apparently mentioned something about killing police officers according to the spokesman for the Police Department. (Before or after they started electrocuting him? We aren’t told).

Or perhaps we could consult Mrs. Hope Steffey of Salem, Ohio, who had the cops called to assist her after being beaten by a cousin and ended up being the victim of a perfectly “legal” sexual assault by Sheriff’s deputies at the Stark County jail. They threw her to the ground and forcibly removed all of her clothes while she screamed in blood curdling terror. This gang of thugs with badges included male officers as well. This happened to her after being beaten by the cop called to the scene and then arrested on a bogus “disorderly conduct” charge meant to cover up the arresting officer’s crime. Of course the brave, strong Sheriff of Stark County, a piece of worthless garbage named Timothy Swanson, has defended the conduct of his officers. He claims it was done for Steffey’s own protection because she was suicidal! Because we all know that suicidal people don’t need gooey, “liberal”-sounding things like care and compassion, but ruthless violence. Knowing that a lawsuit would be filed, Swanson invited the politically-embattled now former-Attorney General of Ohio, Mark Dann, to investigate, and, surprise, surprise, no wrongdoing was found! (Who you gonna believe, the Government or your own lyin’ eyes?)

Maybe we can sit down with the family of Cheryl Noel, a 44-year-old mother who was executed in her own bedroom by a member of the group of criminals who call themselves the “Baltimore County SWAT Team” who invaded her home with no just cause whatsoever at 4:30 in the morning. The reason for this brutal slaying? They had found “trace amounts” of drugs in her trash can and when they busted into her home she had the audacity to have had a gun in her hand in order to defend herself! Silly woman, that’s what the cops are for! (And who defends us from the cops, you ask? Just move along, nothing to see here….) And of course, as usual, the State’s Attorney General’s Office called the shooting justified. You are not supposed to ask, of course, whether eradicating drugs is so important that we need to let the Government’s goon squads break into our homes at will and murder us as they see fit.

I wonder what young Blake Dwyer would have to say about the cops in his home town? The epileptic Dwyer was having a seizure and the cops were trying to help the medics at the scene restrain him, and being the compassionate type of fellows who usually become legalized assassins like police officers and soldiers, they tasered him 12 times! I’m sure that he also committed the high offense of “disobeying an officer,” but couldn’t even a brain dead Chief Wiggum wannabe know that maybe he really couldn’t obey? Oh well, I guess it could have been worse old Blake my friend, because the taser is “non-lethal” as we all know. Right? (Or maybe not.)

Perhaps the grieving family of Ricardo Abrahams in Woodland, California, can tell you about all the care and protection their mentally disturbed, but never violent, son received when the police were called to make a “welfare check” on him. He received so much care and compassion from police that now he’ll never suffer from his mental illness again, because he is dead. When the members of the bloody blue line approached Abrahams, he was “aggressive” and brandished a pencil at them (Teacher, help!), so, of course, they murdered him. Through a combination of baton blows, taser blasts and “positional asphyxiation” (meaning they suffocated him) the poor, troubled Mr. Abrahams was given the ultimate punishment. I’m sure this killing will be considered justified by whatever Government liar has the responsibility to determine these types of things, because the officers, I’m sure, “feared for their safety,” which makes sense because pencil-related deaths of police officers are on the rise in Woodland, California, I’m sure. About this story you are also not supposed to ask if the cops should have just left Mr. Abrahams alone when he got aggressive, because they were not there to arrest him, but to check on his welfare, and he had no history of violence.

These are just a few of the more outrageous examples of out of control “law enforcement” in this day and age. One could spend countless hours on the Internet reading stories very similar to these I’ve mentioned above. However there is something else that is rarely mentioned, even by opponents of police brutality, which is that even “good cops” are thugs because they exist to enforce all the tyrannical laws and edicts our rulers see fit to impose on us. They are not out to protect us. How does it protect us for them to haul decent, productive people over to the side of the road, giving them an extortion letter prettied-up by being called a “ticket,” threatening them with the use of force, because they drove faster than the criminal gang called the Government wants us to? Or to arrest people who ingest and trade in non-State-approved drugs? Or to threaten parents with jail for wanting to educate their children differently than the State says they should be educated? Anyone who supports these laws is confused at best, but those who actually enforce these laws against us are monsters. They should be disarmed, de-funded and tossed onto the street where, if they continue to bully decent, peaceful people, they will have to accept the risk of the highwayman instead of enjoying the protected position of the tax collector.

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