Podcast: Volume I, Episodes XVI and XVI.5

Episode XVI
Guest Host: Keith

Download MP3 (61.3 mb)

Episode XVI.5

Download MP3 (56 mb)

Notes to shows: These shows won’t sound nearly as polished as I’d like; however, we did get a week off from the show, technically, so Nate and I did a bonus ‘update’ show on Saturday, August 9.  Keith as guest host made for a really chatty show (Episode XIV), less of a hardcore news focus and is more a political and culture discussion.  Episode XIV discusses the three party political system, false flag events and 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the culture of New Orleans, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Episode XIV.5 discusses Russia’s incursion into Georgia, McCain’s paramilitary homeland defense corps, eco-fascist police state measures, and a lot more.  Enjoy the shows!  More to come soon!

Introduction (Episode XVI)

Introduction (XVI.5)

Obama and Election 2008

Beltway Corruption

False Flag Events, the Middle East, and the War on Terror

The Unfolding Police Stadt Und Its Propaganda

Economics, Business, and the Federal Reserve

Health Issues and Eugenics


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