American Journey – “‘DC Madam’ so-called-suicide crime scene photos to be hidden from public”

“DC Madam” so-called-suicide crime scene photos to be hidden from public

American Journey | August 15, 2008

Please read this article where we find:

“A judge ordered Friday that crime scene photographs taken by police during their investigation of the suicide of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, also known as the D.C. Madam, are part of the public record.

“But Sixth Circuit Judge Linda Allan prohibited the duplication or publication of the photos taken by Tarpon Springs police, citing a need to balance the public’s right to know with the privacy rights of Palfrey’s mother, Blanche Palfrey.”

This is an unfortunate twist of fate for those of us interested in independent analysis of facts so the public can check up on our servants who are supposed to supply us with the truth. There were many questions surrounding this case. Then a few days ago we found that the DC Madam had left instructions with her lawyer to make public all records surrounding the case in case she turned up dead due to an apparent suicide. See (CLICK) this article from CLG linked at the right side of this page for the details. You may also want to read a previous article and watch the accompanying VIDEO. DC Madam supposedly commits suicide

I think keeping evidence hidden from the public in this matter is wrong in light of the DC Madam’s wishes. It seems the facts and the truth of this matter are far more important than the wishes of Palfrey’s mother who claims her health may suffer. What about her daughter’s health? What about justice for Deborah Palfrey who is no longer here to represent herself and left instructions with her lawyer that would help us find the truth? What if she was murdered? Without public scrutiny we are left with open-ended questions and well-justified “conspiracy theories.” With openness and public review of all evidence we have the best possible chance to find the truth behind this tragedy. Oh that’s right – her death wasn’t a tragedy for everyone now was it?

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