Press TV – “Neo-cons dream of global dominance”

Neo-cons dream of global dominance

Press TV | August 16, 2008

Former assistant secretary of the US Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts says the Bush administration ordered Georgia to ethnically cleanse South Ossetia.

Roberts, speaking in an exclusive interview with Press TV said that that Dick Cheney and his neo-con cronies are out of touch with reality because they actually think that they could conquer Russia by pushing Georgia to attack South Ossetia.

Roberts also said that the current administration, guided as it is by neo-con ideologies is capable of creating another world war and using the nuclear bomb for imposing its dominance on the globe.

He said that Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has declared, “In the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations.” However In the early years of the 21st century the United States has already invaded two countries and has been beating the drums for attacking Iran.

President Bush, the chief invader of the 21st century, has echoed McCain’s claim that nations don’t invade other nations.

The former Reagan administration official said that Ukraine, where nationalism has taken hold funded by the neo-con National Endowment for Democracy, will be the next conflict between American pretensions and Russia.

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