Muriel Kane – “‘Drill, baby, drill’: Host says Palin the next Cheney on energy”

‘Drill, baby, drill’: Host says Palin the next Cheney on energy

Muriel Kane | September 8, 2008

Liberal sees big oil similarities with Palin, Bush VP

The latest Republican rallying cry of “Drill Baby Drill” might seem to be just a right-wing twist on the phrase “Burn Baby Burn,” which came out of the violent 1965 Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Air America and GoLeft’s Mike Papantonio, however, finds a much more sinister significance: sex, Dick Cheney and Exxon’s plans for all Americans.

“The new Republican slogan ‘Drill Baby Drill’ … is not just a possible metaphor for rumors of a [Sarah] Palin sex scandal,” Papantonio began. “It’s more a sign of the times, where it’s become clear that Exxon’s trying to buy themselves another Dick Cheney. … When you hear that almost maniacal chant of ‘Drill Baby Drill’ coming from the convention floor, you’re hearing the voice of Exxon, trying to make their last big land grab by making sure we elect a new and improved Dick Cheney as VP — just one a hell of a lot better looking.”

Papantonio reminded his audience of Cheney’s secretive 2001 Energy Task Force, saying, “Cheney promised Exxon there’d never be any windfall taxes put in place. … He promised the energy industry that the Bush administration would slow down global warming research. … He’d see to it that the number of oil leases were increased. … He promised the oil industry that they’d be permitted to rape and pillage Iraq and that American troops would be sacrificed if necessary.”

“Sarah Palin?” Papantonio asked. “Well, she’s big oil’s new chance to drill the American public one more time.”

“So when you hear the words ‘Drill Baby Drill’ being screamed from the Republican convention floor,” concluded Panantonio, “more than a picture of seedy hotels in out-of-the-way Alaskan towns should come to your mind. Exxon has another kind of drilling that they’re thinking about — that involves all Americans getting drilled.”

Palin has been a strong supporter of oil and gas development during her tenure in Alaska. She awarded a major pipeline project to a Canadian corporation.

Cheney gave Palin a warm review Monday, speaking to reporters in Rome.

“Each administration is different. And there’s no reason why Sarah Palin can’t be a successful vice president in a McCain administration,” he said. Such a White House, he asserted, “won’t look exactly like the Bush administration or the first Bush administration, the Ford administration. It’ll be relatively unique to this president and this time that they’re in office.”

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