Kurt Nimmo – “Problem, Reaction, Solution in Pakistan”


Problem, Reaction, Solution in Pakistan

Kurt Nimmo | September 11, 2008

Julian Barnes, writing for the Los Angeles Times, tells us:

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today the U.S. is “running out of time” to get the war in Afghanistan right and announced that he was developing a “new, more comprehensive strategy” to cover the entire region.

Adm. Michael G. Mullen, the Joint Chiefs chairman, and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates both emphasized in congressional testimony that the military and broader U.S. government needed to look at the threat from Pakistan’s tribal regions and the insurgency in Afghanistan as a single problem.

In recent months, military leaders have looked at the movement of extremists across the border from Pakistan into Afghanistan with growing alarm. And today Gates and Mullen echoed regional commanders’ concerns that havens in Pakistan were fueling the insurgency in Afghanistan.

Once again, we have the Hegelian dialectic in action. The CIA essentially created the Afghan Mujahideen, later to be called al-Qaeda and the Taliban, as part of another dialectical project — taking down the Soviet Union, a pet project of Zbigniew Brzezinski — and this assemblage of Wahabbi religious fanatics, misfits, cutthroats, mental cases, and psychotics was set-up, with the blessing of Pakistan’s intelligence service and the CIA, in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

In 1980, writes Phil Gasper, with the “support of Pakistan’s military dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq, the U.S. began recruiting and training both mujahideen fighters from the 3 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and large numbers of mercenaries from other Islamic countries. Estimates of how much money the U.S. government channeled to the Afghan rebels over the next decade vary, but most sources put the figure between $3 billion and $6 billion, or more. Whatever the exact amount, this was ‘the largest covert action program since World War II’ — much bigger, for example, than Washington’s intervention in Central America at the same time, which received considerably more publicity.”

In 1985, Reagan issued a National Security Decision Directive to escalate covert action in Afghanistan significantly, providing the Mujahideen “with extensive satellite reconnaissance data of Soviet targets on the Afghan battlefield, plans for military operations based on the satellite intelligence, intercepts of Soviet communications, secret communications networks for the rebels, delayed timing devices for tons of C-4 plastic explosives for urban sabotage, and sophisticated guerrilla attacks, long-range sniper rifles, a targeting device for mortars that was linked to a U.S. Navy satellite, wire-guided anti-tank missiles, and other equipment,” and eventually 1,000 state-of-the-art, shoulder-fired Stinger antiaircraft missiles.

“By 1987, the annual supply of arms had reached 65,000 tons, and a ‘ceaseless stream’ of CIA and Pentagon officials were visiting Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters in Rawalpindi and helping to plan mujahideen operations,” notes Gasper. “CIA operations officers helped Pakistani trainers establish schools for the mujahideen in secure communications, guerrilla warfare, urban sabotage and heavy weapons.” ISI and CIA trained and supplied teams went across the border and attacked “airports, railroads, fuel depots, electricity pylons, bridges and roads” in neighboring countries.

In fact, the Mujahideen spread far beyond countries bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. “Afghan veterans now linked to bin Laden have been traced by investigators to Pakistan, East Africa, Albania, Chechnya, Algeria, France, the US and Britain,” the Guardian reported on January 17, 1999. In order to destabilize the former Yugoslavia, and set the stage for a U.S. attack on that country, the Mujahideen, now called al-Qaeda, was inserted in the Balkans with the help of the CIA, NATO, and Germany’s BND intelligence service.

The CIA’s Frankenstein, al-Qaeda, teamed up with the drug-running Kosovo Liberation Army, another CIA nurtured monstrosity, and the “activities of this terrorist organization on the ground, in Kosovo, provided NATO and the US with the pretext to intervene on humanitarian grounds, claiming that the Serb authorities had committed human rights violations against ethnic Albanians, when in fact the NATO sponsored KLA was involved in terrorist acts on behalf of NATO, which triggered a response from the Serb police and military,” explains Michel Chossudovsky.

In late 2001, Macedonian intelligence reported that al-Qaeda enjoyed special status in American controlled Kosovo. “If the Anglo-Americans are at ‘war’ with bin Laden’s terrorism, why are bin Laden operatives active in Kosovo in an area totally controlled by NATO? Furthermore, in the U.S. zone in Kosovo?” Umberto Pascali asked at the time. It appears this operation was run by Zaiman al-Zawahiri, brother of the brain of Osama, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the Muslim Brotherhood spawned — that is to say, spawned by British intelligence and the CIA — terrorist who was at one time granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, according to a U.S. Congressional committee in 2000.

All of this represents the Hegelian dialectic in action, big time.

Now we are told a resurgent Taliban and al-Qaeda are operating out of Pakistan and a “new, more comprehensive strategy” of violating Pakistani national sovereignty and killing tribal villagers is required, according to Robert Gates, Sec. Def.

Of course the “insurgency” in Afghanistan and the manufactured “threat from Pakistan’s tribal regions” are linked, as it was set-up that way. It is yet another chapter in the neocon plan to expand and intensify the “clash of civilizations” and foment perpetual war for perpetual peace, that is to say kill Muslims and reduce their countries and societies to smoldering ruins. It also returns a handsome profit for the military industrial complex and the same old suspects, namely the banksters led by the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs.

It is no mistake these banksters own McCain and Obama, as the show must go on for the indeterminate future.

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