Podcast: Episode 1.1

Zombie bin Laden--back for the brains we shot out of the back of his head...

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After a long wait, many starts, stops, fits, and restarts: finally… a new podcast.  Much has happened since this show has last fired up the “ON AIR” sign.  We’ve invaded four (or is it five?) new nations; receded mildly a front in the Iraq War; expanded the Afghanistan War; started murdering lotsa people in Pakistan with drones and missles; we’ve seen QE1 and QE2; and TARP has been expanded under the Obama junta (among many other horrible things!).  Plenty has stayed the same, though: we still torture; Gitmo’s still open; the political parties are corrupt; Goldman-Sachs still has operatives planted all over the place; and gold and silver prices keep risingrisingrising!

Obama’s proven himself to be a masterful teleprompter reader for his speechwriters.  That’s about all he deserves credit for.  To think that he’s narcissistic enough to believe that sole quality can propel him to a second term is hilarious (but given the intelligence of the average American voter, he’ll probably ride that notion laughing to the bank and back into the Oval Office).  Unfortunately, the intelligence of your average American hasn’t risen in the intervening two years.

There’s been an itch to re-start the show for a while.  It took two years–TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS–to find someone that I thought to be capable of being able to speak on such a wide breadth of topics: politics, news analysis, economics, philosophy…

But I think many of you will enjoy the end result of the show.  It’s not as focused as previous shows–as this was more of a long-form conversation–but this is a most entertaining first start to reintroduce this lovely audience to the folks (new and old) steering the ship.  Future shows will be more focused and news-oriented, I think, but, dammit, Shelly and I had a lot of fun sitting around and talking about philosophy and this whole bin Laden thing.  I really think that comes through.

Here’s to hoping you all enjoy the end result, as well.  Feel free to leave comments and, if you enjoy the show, tell your friends (the show’s free to stream and download, after all!).  There’s a lot of work to be done.  Liberty hasn’t prospered in the time that this show’s been off of the air, that’s for sure (how ’bout those TSA sticking their hands down your pants… and the body scanners?!  OMG!).  There’s a lot of work to do.  Here’s to hoping this show can contribute–in any way, great or small–to the ideas that must be discussed if we’re to restore any sort of semblance of peace, prosperity, and liberty for our friends, loved ones, and our neighbors.  I bet you thought I’d say “country”, eh?  New philosophical understanding in the last two years: countries don’t exist except as concepts in your mind.  :)


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