Podcast: Episode 1.2

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Topics on the show included…

Topics related to Shelly’s ukulele parody include:

All in all, it was a fun show.  Not our best show, but a fun show.  There’s a good chance that this show’s urge to irk may lead to a bonus podcast within the next week, so keep an eye out for that; otherwise, we’re still out there: still podcastin’, still learning… everyone’s still engaged, lively, and actively chomping at the bit.

Back in two weeks–or maybe sooner.  Sometimes, the podcast bug is a hard one to ignore.

And, of course, the lyrics to the song that Shelly wrote (with contributions from Mike and Nate, where appropriate):

“This Land is NOT Your Land”

This land is your land, this land is my land,
From toxic pesticides to GM salmon,
From the patented corn fields to the death of the bees,
This land was stolen from you and me.

As I was walking that housing subdivision,
I saw beside me toxic provisions,
Modified corn and soy as far as the eye could see,
This land has pesticides for you and me.

I coughed and clamored, and got on my bicycle,
I rode by a CAFO and fear turned me into an icicle,
The crammed conditions filled with resistant bacteria that you eat,
This land has toxic runoff for you and me.

The clean grocery store beckoned, and I rolled in,
The products with aspartame is where I begin,
It smells like eugenics and a corporate killing spree,
These chemicals were made for you and me.

If you want to live healthy in a local economy,
Stop by your farmer’s market for some smart gastronomy,
Organic produce and grass-fed meat,
This food is really meant for you and me.


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