Podcast notes for broken show — and a hiatus announcement.

Shelly and I tried to record a show last night, but technical difficulties kept the audio from being laid to track.  While I hope to potentially have a guest host sit in this weekend to fill in the content-gap, there are no promises.

In the interim, here’s the link list containing the stories we were to cover.

If I’m able to get a remote co-host’s audio put to track, expect a posting on either Sunday or Monday.

Otherwise, here’s the link list.  We’ll be back on the air as soon as we’re able.  Apologies for the inconvenience.


Coming soon? New podcasts, uhh-whaa’?

Don’t hold me to it, but there’s a good chance that this podcast may be resurrected with a new co-host.

I know, I know: “Took ya damn long enough, Mike.”  Yep, and you’re right.

But, sometimes, it requires a certain type to be able to speak somewhat authoritatively (and passionately!) on topics, and I may have found someone capable of doing so while also bringing different ideas to the table (which is never a bad thing).

Most definitely, we shall see soon enough.


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The Revolution Will Not Be Digitized. Podcast

Coming soon.

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News that affects your life: loss of liberty, the encroaching police state, economic news, digital freedoms, Beltway corruption, the false left-right paradigm, the global elite, and more!

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