Podcast: Episode 1.5

Anonymous protests US intervention in Libya in downtown Madison, WI.

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Intro: Nine Inch Nails – “Hyperpower!
Outro: Clutch – “Animal Farm

Topics on the show included (and beware the list… it’s a doozy [but you’ll learn lots])…


Podcast: Episode 1.1

Zombie bin Laden--back for the brains we shot out of the back of his head...

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After a long wait, many starts, stops, fits, and restarts: finally… a new podcast.  Much has happened since this show has last fired up the “ON AIR” sign.  We’ve invaded four (or is it five?) new nations; receded mildly a front in the Iraq War; expanded the Afghanistan War; started murdering lotsa people in Pakistan with drones and missles; we’ve seen QE1 and QE2; and TARP has been expanded under the Obama junta (among many other horrible things!).  Plenty has stayed the same, though: we still torture; Gitmo’s still open; the political parties are corrupt; Goldman-Sachs still has operatives planted all over the place; and gold and silver prices keep risingrisingrising!


Podcast: Episodes XXI and XXII

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Introduction – Episode XXII:

Introduction – Episode XXI:

Notes to show(s): Apologies for the delay with both episodes.  To make up for the delay on episode XXI, we’re posting episode XXII the day after we recorded it, as well as a free bonus segment!  It’s an interview with Peter Schiff discussing the economy.  All great stuff!  Episode XXI discusses the economic meltdown, etc.  Episode XXII discusses Election 2008 and the coronation of our new messianic Dictator-in-Chief, Obama!  Though, rest assured, we’d crap just as much on McCain if he were (s)elected Fuhrer-in-Chief… but because we’re non-partisan around here (well, except for our support of Ron Paul), everyone’s fair game!  Enjoy the show, stock up on guns, buy some storable foods and gold/silver, and get ready!  Things are going to get really nasty–the Rockefellers and Brzezinski demand it so!

Podcast: Volume I, Episode XIX

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Note to show: Please pardon the cursing.  But, also, please take into account the economics information that is discussed… this craziness is only getting more horrible!  Call your Congressperson!  Say ‘no’ to the bailout!  Thanks, Kevin, for coming out and giving your analysis of the current situation.  And pardon us, again, for Kevin’s mic volumes.  We still haven’t figured out what the deal is for Mic. #03.


Shanghai Daily – “Bank of China buys into Rothschild bank”


Bank of China buys into Rothschild bank

Shanghai Daily | September 22, 2008

BANK of China said yesterday it will buy a 20 percent stake in La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild for 236.3 million euros (US$340 million) and the two will develop private banking and asset-management services.

“This partnership forms part of Bank of China’s global development strategy,” Bank of China chairman Xiao Gang said in a statement. “We expect to further strengthen our asset management operations and product design capabilities in private banking business, and widen the product and service offerings to our clients.”

Beijing-based Bank of China said it sees a promising future for private banking and other services for China’s newly affluent amid rapid economic growth.


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Paul Joseph Watson & Yihan Dai – “China Blames Wall Street Meltdown On Fed Overissuance Of Currency”


China Blames Wall Street Meltdown On Fed Overissuance Of Currency

Paul Joseph Watson & Yihan Dai | September 19, 2008

China’s state media today reports on the real reason behind the Wall Street meltdown and a subject that the mainstream US media dare not mention – the Federal Reserve’s overissuance of currency – which the Chinese say is part of a wider agenda to justify increased control over the global economy.

The Bush administration today announced a plan to use hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money to buy up up bad mortgages and other debts. The process of injecting more fiat money into an already over-inflated system had the desired effect – the Dow Jones shot up 450 points – but the dollar, following a brief jump, began to plummet.


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Press TV – “China accuses US of financial WMD”


China accuses US of financial WMD

Press TV | September 18, 2008

Chinese state media has blamed the US for unleashing financial “weapons of mass destruction” and sparking a global market “tsunami”.

China’s official People’s Daily warned on Wednesday that the US had set off a “financial tsunami” by allowing Wall Street lenders to trade in subprime debts and unstable financial derivatives.

In response to market turmoil, China’s central bank cut interest rates for the first time in six years, from 5.85% to 5.31% signalling Beijing’s intent to maintain economic growth and employment.


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William Norman Grigg – “Washington’s Kleptocratic State: ‘More Communist Than China'”


Washington’s Kleptocratic State: ‘More Communist Than China’

William Norman Grigg | September 9, 2008

Unlike the Creator, Who rested from his labors on the seventh day, the architects of our kleptocratic State do their most important work over the weekend.

The arrival of each week’s two-day market sabbath is heralded by the announcement of yet another bank failure tied to the collapse of the real estate/mortgage/debt refinancing bubble, with the bad tidings disclosed after the final bell sounds on Wall Street.


Steve Watson – “Top Investor: Fannie/Freddie Bailout Serves ‘Bunch Of Crooks And Incompetents'”


Top Investor: Fannie/Freddie Bailout Serves “Bunch Of Crooks And Incompetents”

Steve Watson | September 8, 2008

A leading investor has denounced the government seizure of two of the nation’s largest financial companies as “madness” and says the move will only serve to make the markets more volatile and see house prices continue to go down.

In an interview with CNBC Jim Rogers, CEO of Rogers Holdings, described the move by the Treasury to nationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as “insanity”.

The Treasury has pledged to provide as much as $200 billion to the companies, replace their chief executives and place them under a conservatorship, giving management control to their regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, or FHFA.

“This is madness, this is insanity,” Rogers said, “they have more than doubled the American national debt in one weekend for a bunch of crooks and incompetents. I’m not quite sure why I or anybody else should be paying for this.”

“America is more communist than China is right now,” Rogers declared. “You can see that this is welfare of the rich, it is socialism for the rich… it’s just bailing out financial institutions,” he added.


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Andrew Malone – “Rounded up into torture camps: the ‘undesirables’ China doesn’t want you to see”


Rounded up into torture camps: the ‘undesirables’ China doesn’t want you to see

Andrew Malone | August 18, 2008

The bleak concrete walls topped with razor wire and the sentries in towers at the gates are a chilling reminder of a different era.

On the nearby roads, heavily armed guards patrol relentlessly, checking both drivers and pedestrians, constantly alert.

Meanwhile, less than 30 miles away, the world’s attention is focused on the world-famous ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic stadium and the other venues where a global audience of two billion is watching the Games and enjoying the spectacle of the ‘new’ China.

The Beijing regime has deployed an army of 500,000 smiling volunteers to help foreigners find their way around the teeming capital city.

Blades of grass have been individually combed. Signs have been erected in English.

Spitting has been banned and taxi drivers have been told to wear ties.

But there’s none of that here in the suburb of Daxing, where the only ‘venues’ are the five camps into which thousands of China’s ‘undesirables’ have been swept from the streets of Beijing and locked up.

Here, down bumpy, unlit roads, is where old habits die hard for China’s brutal totalitarian communist regime.

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Eric Walberg – “Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne”


Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne

Eric Walberg | July 24, 2008

As the United States election race enters the final stretch, Barack Obama as the candidate promising change is revealing his true colours, much to the despair of anyone actually expecting any change.

His recent call to declare Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, his denial of Palestinans’ right of return, and his support for a Bantustan Palestinian “state” which poses no threat to Israel show how completely he has caved in to the Zionist establishment on that issue.


Benjamin Fulford – “How 888 Is Beating 666”


How 888 Is Beating 666

Benjamin Fulford | August 12, 2008

Historians are certain to write that 2008 08 08 was the date when Western rule of the world came to an end.

The Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies were attended by 80 heads of state and watched by 4 billion people. This ceremony formalized a transition that is already a statistical reality, The West controls 40% of world GDP and 17% of the world’s population. Asia now accounts for a fast growing 40% share of world GDP , 63% of global financial assets and 65% of the world’s population., In addition China is about to end the US’s 100 year rule as the worlds largest manufacturing nation.


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Lord Stirling – “The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War”


The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War

Lord Stirling | August 8, 2008

The Olympics are what is right about the world. On this last Friday, the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the new millennium we witnessed a fantastic spectacle, a peaceful gathering of the many nations of our small blue planet; a competition of the best young athletes from all over the world. The Olympics make us proud to be humans; proud to be citizens of Earth.

Sadly on this same day, we saw what future historians will count as the day that the Third World War began. It was designed this way, by the evil people who worked hard to begin the war under the cover of the Olympics.


Paul Joseph Watson – “U.S. Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia”


U.S. Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia

Paul Joseph Watson | August 8, 2008

Georgian forces, trained and equipped by the Pentagon and the U.S. government, killed 10 Russian peacekeepers early this morning in a provocation attack that has escalated into military conflict, but the subsequent corporate media coverage would have us believe that the U.S. and NATO-backed client state Georgia is a helpless victim, when in actual fact a far more nuanced geopolitical strategy is being played out.

Original reports early this morning detailed how Georgian forces had killed 10 Russian peacekeepers and wounded 30 others, which was the provocation for Russian forces to begin military operations, but the fact that Georgian forces were responsible for starting the conflagration has been completely buried in subsequent media coverage.


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Steve Watson – “Bush Lectures Chinese Government As It Apes His Own ‘Free Speech Zone’ Policy”


Bush Lectures Chinese Government As It Apes His Own “Free Speech Zone” Policy
Says he stands in opposition to Communist regime’s actions as it mirrors his own Administration’s

Steve Watson | August 7, 2008

In a scenario resembling that of the pot calling the kettle black, President Bush has hit out at the Chinese government for its crackdown on dissent during the Olympics, while the Communist regime is aping a “free speech zone” policy created by Bush’s own administration.