Podcast notes for broken show — and a hiatus announcement.

Shelly and I tried to record a show last night, but technical difficulties kept the audio from being laid to track.  While I hope to potentially have a guest host sit in this weekend to fill in the content-gap, there are no promises.

In the interim, here’s the link list containing the stories we were to cover.

If I’m able to get a remote co-host’s audio put to track, expect a posting on either Sunday or Monday.

Otherwise, here’s the link list.  We’ll be back on the air as soon as we’re able.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Podcast: Episode 1.4

Lemme guess: you voted for statism, didn't you?

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Intro: Nine Inch Nails – “Hyperpower!
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Topics on the show included…

Podcast: Episode 1.2

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James Randerson – “More than half of US drug safety studies never see the light of day”


More than half of US drug safety studies never see the light of day
Only 43% of the evidence of safety and efficacy that the US Food and Drug Administration uses to approve drugs is published in scientific journals. The authors of the survey say this amounts to “scientific misconduct”

James Randerson | September 23 2008

The results of more than half of all clinical trials that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs are not published within five years of the drug going on the market, according to an analysis of 90 drugs approved by US regulators between 1998 and 2000.

The researchers, who traced the publication or otherwise of 909 separate clinical trials in the scientific literature, wrote that the failure of drug companies to publish the evidence relating to new medicines amounted to “scientific misconduct”. They said it “harms the public good” by preventing informed decisions by doctors and patients about new medicines and by hampering future scientific work.


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Geoffrey Lean – “Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold'”


Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold’
Alarming new research from Sweden on the effects of radiation raises fears that today’s youngsters face an epidemic of the disease in later life

Geoffrey Lean | September 21, 2008

Children and teenagers are five times more likely to get brain cancer if they use mobile phones, startling new research indicates.

The study, experts say, raises fears that today’s young people may suffer an “epidemic” of the disease in later life. At least nine out of 10 British 16-year-olds have their own handset, as do more than 40 per cent of primary schoolchildren.


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Steve Watson – “Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical In Drinking Water Can Stay Says Government”


Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical In Drinking Water Can Stay Says Government
White House and Pentagon distort the science to protect themselves and their corporate defense contractors from liability on water contamination

Steve Watson | September 23, 2008

The Environmental Protection Agency says there is no need to act on the fact that a toxic rocket fuel ingredient, which has been proven to lead to a loss of IQ and an increase in behavioral and perception problems, has long been present in drinking water across the U.S.

In a remarkable reversal of it’s position, the EPA, has ditched six years of effort into persuading the government that perchlorate contamination poses a serious risk to the public and should be regulated.

Perchlorate, has been found in at least 395 sites in 35 states at levels high enough to interfere with thyroid function and pose developmental health risks, particularly for babies and fetuses, reports AP. The toxic chemical has also been found in lettuce and other foods.

It is used by defense and aerospace contractors in conjunction with the Pentagon in rockets and missiles.


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Paul Joseph Watson – “Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s”


Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s

‘Young, Single and Sterilized’ article advertises for birth control clinic founded by Nazi eugenicist Marie Stopes

Paul Joseph Watson | September 23, 2008

A popular women’s magazine in the UK recently featured an article entitled, Young, Single and Sterilized, in which women in their 20’s discussed why they had undergone an operation to prevent them from ever having children. The article is little more than PR for a “women’s charity” called Marie Stopes International, an organization that carries out abortions and sterilizations and was founded by a Nazi eugenicist who advocated compulsory sterilization of non-whites and “those of bad character”.

The story appears in a weekly magazine called Love It (click for PDF enlargement). One of the women featured in the article, Chloe, explains why she decided to have herself sterilized at the age of just 20.

“By the time I was 18, I knew I was never going to change. I couldn’t imagine letting something take over my body and then my whole life.”

“I couldn’t even look at a baby without feeling uncomfortable.”


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Steve Watson – “Group With Big Pharma Ties Wants to Shut Down Vaccine ‘Conspiracy Theories'”


Group With Big Pharma Ties Wants to Shut Down Vaccine “Conspiracy Theories”
Kingpins of Military-Industrial complex say they will “brand” websites they consider “trustworthy and reliable sources of information”

Steve Watson | September 15, 2008

A foundation populated by the giants of business, banking, government and military wants to “vet” websites and limit the spread of information that it says creates “conspiracy theories”.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), fronted by Internet creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, says it is worried about the way the web has been “used to spread disinformation”.

Speaking to the BBC, Berners-Lee said that there needed to be a new system that would give websites a “label for trustworthiness” once they had been proved reliable sources. Only then would the rise of “cult thinking” be avoided according to Berners-Lee.


Juliette Jowit – “UN says eat less meat to curb global warming”


UN says eat less meat to curb global warming

Juliette Jowit | September 7, 2008

People should have one meat-free day a week if they want to make a personal and effective sacrifice that would help tackle climate change, the world’s leading authority on global warming has told The Observer

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which last year earned a joint share of the Nobel Peace Prize, said that people should then go on to reduce their meat consumption even further.

His comments are the most controversial advice yet provided by the panel on how individuals can help tackle global warning.


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Steve Watson – “Original Anthrax Patsy Says Ivins ‘Didn’t Kill Himself'”


Original Anthrax Patsy Says Ivins “Didn’t Kill Himself”
USAMRIID toxicologist says friend and colleague Bruce Ivins not guilty, roots of corruption deeper

Steve Watson | September 9, 2008

A former colleague and friend of Bruce Ivins, and the original suspect in the FBI’s investigation into the 2001 anthrax attacks, has declared that Ivins did not kill himself and was not behind the attack that killed five people shortly after 9/11.

Dr. Ayaad Assaad, an Egyptian-born toxicologist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, made the comments in an interview with a local newspaper in the area of Fort Detrick last weekend.


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Lucy Cockcroft – “Children’s vitamins have no more nutritional value than sweets, say scientists”


Children’s vitamins have no more nutritional value than sweets, say scientists
Children’s vitamins contain such a low level of nutrition that they are little better than sweets, researchers have found.

Lucy Cockcroft | August 20, 2008

Many supplements marketed at the younger generations have only a “tiny proportion” of the goodness needed by children.

Parents have been advised that their money would be better spent providing a healthy balanced diet which will supply a better source of vitamins.


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Ann Shibler – “Declaring Babies Dead for Organ Harvesting”


Declaring Babies Dead for Organ Harvesting

Ann Shibler | August 20, 2008

A procedure called “donation after cardiac death” is being allowed and encouraged by the federal government, organ banks, and medical doctors as a way to increase organ donations. This protocol used now more commonly for infant heart transplants is frighteningly immoral and sets to redefine death declarations.

The method, technically known as “transplantation after declaration of cardiocirculatory death (DCD),” allows doctors to declare death following stoppage of the heart, rather than by the more certain brain death criteria. Then, as quickly as 75 seconds to five minutes after the declaration, doctors can slice into the baby’s chest to harvest the heart.


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Amanda Gardner – “79 Million Americans Struggle to Pay Medical Bills”


79 Million Americans Struggle to Pay Medical Bills

Amanda Gardner | August 20, 2008

Working-age Americans are facing mounting problems when it comes to affording health care, a result of what analysts are calling a “perfect storm” of economic woes.

In 2007, 41 percent of working-age Americans — 72 million people — reported having medical bill problems or trouble paying off medical debts, up from 34 percent in 2005.

Another 7 million adults over 65 had similar problems, bringing the total to 79 million adults struggling to pay health-care bills, according to a new study from The Commonwealth Fund, Losing Ground: How the Loss of Adequate Health Insurance Is Burdening Working Families.


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David Gutierrez – “Children as Big Pharma Guinea Pigs: 98 Percent of Drug Trials on Children Have no Safety Checks”


Children as Big Pharma Guinea Pigs: 98 Percent of Drug Trials on Children Have no Safety Checks

David Gutierrez | August 19, 2008

Fewer than 2 percent of drug trials conducted on children have independent safety advisory boards, a review published in the journal Acta Paediatrica has found.Researchers from Nottingham University reviewed reports on 739 international drug trials that had been published between 1996 and 2002. They found that although 74 percent of studies described their safety monitoring procedures, less than 2 percent included an independent safety review committee.

Such committees are composed of independent health experts who can review the study data as it comes out and warn if the drug appears to be placing study participants at risk.

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Mark Sunwall – “The State in Denial: Can Scientism Recover Our Moral Memory?”


The State in Denial: Can Scientism Recover Our Moral Memory?

Mark Sunwall | August 18, 2008

The Pentagon is spending an unprecedented $300 million this summer on research for post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury, offering hope not only for troops but hundreds of civilians.

~ Gregg Zoroya, Aug. 6th edition, USA TODAY

No doubt the opportunity for extended research reported on by USA Today will be welcomed as one of the more benevolent spin-offs of the war in Iraq, even while what is called research might more correctly be termed reparations and serves to mask the fact that combat-related post-traumatic injury resulting from that war was 100% preventable…at least as late as 2003. But then, instead of moral memory, today we have scientific inquiry into the loss of memory. This latter must be considered a phenomenon not an effect, since an effect implies a cause, and in the blinkered world of scientism there can be no discussion of causes, other than physiological ones.


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