Podcast: Episode 1.6

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Intro: Nine Inch Nails – “Hyperpower!
Outro: Bad Religion – “Los Angeles is Burning

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Daniel Coleman – “The Market Loves Linux (That’s Why It’s Thriving)”


The Market Loves Linux (That’s Why It’s Thriving)

Daniel Coleman | September 11, 2008

My wife often rolls her eyes at me, because once I find a new hobby I latch onto it as though life depended on it. The more arbitrary the nature of the hobby, the less she’s impressed with it. So imagine her immense delight when, a year ago, the only thing I would talk about with her was Linux.

From Ignorance to Bliss

Yes, Linux. When I was in middle school and high school, Linux was a strange, inaccessible beast. The kind of thing only the most dedicated computer nerds knew anything about. Although I had seen it in action once, all I gathered from the experience was that Linux amounted to a lot of garbled text manipulated by dry command lines. Furthermore, it didn’t run any useful programs. I simply couldn’t see the point in using it.

Many years later, I was clicking around Wikipedia one day and stumbled on a treasure-trove of articles on Linux. To my surprise, I discovered that not only was Linux still around, it was thriving! Next to the articles were beautiful pictures of clean desktops and full-featured applications.


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