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Intro: Nine Inch Nails – “Hyperpower!
Outro: Shelly – “It’s a One-Party World



Secret Arcana – “Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control”


“Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control”

Secret Arcana | April 14, 2011

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Andy Worthington – “Bush’s Bitter Legacy”


Bush’s Bitter Legacy

Andy Worthington | September 13/14, 2008

As we pause to remember the 3,000 people who died in the dreadful attacks of September 11 2001, it is also important to remember that, in terms of the Bush administration’s response, the bitter legacy of that day remains a deep stain on America’s moral standing.

In order to pursue a “war” against a group of terrorist criminals, the administration flouted the US Constitution and the bill of rights, dismissed the Geneva conventions, endorsed imprisonment without charge or trial, created a system of show trials for terror suspects out of thin air, granted themselves the right to spy on American citizens with impunity, and invaded a sovereign country without justification.

Although it is reassuring that both presidential candidates have pledged to close Guantánamo, and Barack Obama has signalled that he will act to withdraw US forces from Iraq, neither Obama nor John McCain has yet spelled out in detail how Guantánamo will be closed.


Paul Craig Roberts – “Who is Wrecking America?”


Who is Wrecking America?

Paul Craig Roberts | September 4, 2008

Does the liberal-left have a clue? I sometimes think not.

In his book, “What’s the Matter With Kansas?,” Thomas Frank made the excellent point that the Karl Rove Republicans take advantage of ordinary’s people’s frustrations and resentments to lead them into voting against their best interest.

Frank’s new book, “The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule,” lacks the insight that distinguished his previous book. Why does Frank think that conservatives or liberals rule?

Neither rule. America is ruled by organized interest groups with money to elect candidates who serve their interests. Frank’s book does not even mention the Israel Lobby, which bleeds Americans for the sake of Israeli territorial expansion. Check the index. Israel is not there.


ANC News – “US accused of war crimes over torture methods”


US accused of war crimes over torture methods

ANC News | August 20, 2008

The use of torture by the US Government in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 has come under increasing criticism.

In 1863 at the height of the US civil war, president Abraham Lincoln set the principles for interrogation of prisoners with a famous instruction “military necessity does not admit of cruelty”.

It took the September 11 attacks to change those principles and Vice-President Dick Cheney said the US would now have to work through the dark side.


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David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster – “Military insists ’segregation boxes’ for Iraqi prisoners are ‘humane’”


Military insists ’segregation boxes’ for Iraqi prisoners are ‘humane’

David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster | August 7, 2008

CNN’s Barbara Starr, in a Thursday report, examined what the US military is calling ’segregation boxes’: small, wooden crates being used in Iraq to hold prisoners, which the US military insists are ‘humane.’

Measuring 3 feet square and about 6 feet tall, the military claims that prisoners isolated in the chambers are checked frequently, but the practice is raising concern among human rights advocates.


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Steve Watson – “Low Level Driver Convicted Of Terror Charges While Bin Laden’s Senior Body Guard Was Let Go”


Low Level Driver Convicted Of Terror Charges While Bin Laden’s Senior Body Guard Was Let Go

Steve Watson | August 6, 2008

Sentencing will be passed down later today on Salim Hamdan, a man described by defense attorneys and witnesses as a low level driver who knew nothing of Al Qaeda. The driver will face life imprisonment while it was revealed last week that Osama Bin Laden’s most senior bodyguard was simply let go from the prison at Guantánamo Bay.

A jury of six military officers at Guantanamo Bay reached a split verdict Wednesday in the war crimes trial of a former driver for Osama bin Laden, clearing him of some charges but convicting him of others that could send him to prison for life, reports AP.

The so called “mastermind of 9/11” Khalid Sheik Mohammed dismissed Hamdan in written testimony as a mere chauffeur “not fit to plan or execute”.


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ScienceDaily – “Doctors Must Be Held Accountable For Complying With Torture, Experts Argue”


Doctors Must Be Held Accountable For Complying With Torture, Experts Argue

ScienceDaily | August 4, 2008

Doctors who assist in torture or other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment should face prosecution and licensing punishments, says an editorial on the British Medical Journal website.

Steven Miles from the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota, says that more doctors are involved in torturing prisoners than in treating torture survivors. But doctors who assist in torture rarely face professional consequences. He argues that the medical profession must not only dissociate itself from torture but actively investigate and sanction offenders.

More than 100 countries condone the use of torture and up to half of torture survivors report that a doctor was present and oversaw the abuse.


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Henry A. Kissinger – “New Premises in Iraq: Prospects for Withdrawal Have to Be Viewed Through the Lens of Progress”


New Premises in Iraq: Prospects for Withdrawal Have to Be Viewed Through the Lens of Progress

Henry A. Kissinger | July 31, 2008

The U.S. presidential campaign has been so long and so intense that it seems to operate in a cocoon, oblivious to changes that should alter its premises. A striking example is the debate over withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Over the past year, many have proposed setting a deadline for withdrawal. Proponents have argued that a date certain would compel the Iraqi government to accelerate the policy of reconciliation; would speed the end of the war; and would enable the United States to concentrate its efforts on more strategically important regions, such as Afghanistan. Above all, they argued, the war was lost, and withdrawal would represent the least costly way to deal with the debacle.


Dr. Bryant Welch – “Torture, Political Manipulation and the American Psychological Association”


Torture, Political Manipulation and the American Psychological Association

Dr. Bryant Welch | July 28, 2008

The regressive effects of current forms of political manipulation that I describe in my new book, State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind (Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, June, 2008) have not only affected American politics. They have also taken their toll on psychologists’ national organization, the American Psychological Association. Many APA members were shocked last year when APA twice refused to take an unequivocal stance against psychologists’ participation in the Bush detention centers. The fact that other health care organizations, typically more conservative than APA on humanitarian issues, were very outspoken about the issue made it all the more puzzling.


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Paul Craig Roberts – “The Mother of All Messes”


The Mother of All Messes

Paul Craig Roberts | July 23, 2008

Republicans are sending around the Internet a photo of a cute little boy whose T-shirt reads: “The mess in my pants is nothing compared to the mess Democrats will make of this country if they win Nov. 2nd.”

One can only wonder at the insouciance of this message. Are Republicans unaware of the amazing mess the Bush regime has made? It is impossible to imagine a bigger mess. Republicans have us at war in two countries as a result of Republican lies and deceptions, and we might be in two more wars – Iran and Pakistan – by November. We have alienated the entire Muslim world and most of the rest.

The dollar has lost 60% of its value against the euro, and the once mighty dollar is losing its reserve currency role.

The Republicans’ policies have driven up the price of both oil and gold by 400%.

Inflation is in double digits. Employment is falling.


Kurt Nimmo – “House Judiciary Committee to Hear Kucinich Impeachment Resolution on Friday”


House Judiciary Committee to Hear Kucinich Impeachment Resolution on Friday

Kurt Nimmo | July 23, 2008

On Friday, Dennis Kucinich will take his impeachment resolution against Bush to the House Judiciary Committee. Kucinich argues that Bush has violated his oath of office, violated U.S. and international law, has trashed the Constitution, and poses a serious threat to the nation. “I want to thank you for the support which you have given to my efforts to hold this administration accountable for taking us into a war based on lies, and for the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of cherished Constitutional principles,” Kucinich says in the YouTube video posted here.


Charley Reese – “America First”


America First

Charley Reese | July 20, 2008

Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to leave the continental U.S. It’s too bad he wasn’t also the last.

Politicians and celebrities with an urge to see poverty only need to visit the Mississippi Delta or some of the neighborhoods in American cities. If they yearn for more exotic poverty, all they have to do is visit the Indian reservations that do not have casinos. Any disease they are hot to trot to cure can be found right here in the good old U.S.A.

Depressed economic conditions? We have them. Crumbling infrastructure? We have that, too. Hunger? Yes, that too. Inflation and weak currency? Present right here. Corruption? Our politicians can hold their own in that dubious category. Orphans? There are plenty of those, too. There is simply no need to travel. Any bad or sad thing you wish to see you can see here in the U.S.


John McQuaid – “The US will not prosecute Bush”


The US will not prosecute Bush
Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will never be tried for war crimes in the US because the country lacks a consensus on torture

John McQuaid | July 18, 2008

The evidence is mounting that top US officials – including President George Bush, vice-president Dick Cheney and former defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld – committed war crimes by authorising the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” – ie torture. The war crimes drumbeat has accelerated with the recent release of two books: New Yorker writer Jane Mayer’s The Dark Side and Philippe Sands’s Torture Team, which document the executive decision-making that led the US to set aside not just the Geneva Conventions, but a tradition of respect for the human rights of enemy prisoners that dates to back to George Washington’s prohibition on harming POWs.


Alexa – “Ghost Ships”


Ghost Ships

Alexa | July 13, 2008

The United States is operating “floating prisons” to house those arrested in its war on terror, according to human rights lawyers, who claim there has been an attempt to conceal the numbers and whereabouts of detainees.

Details of ships where detainees have been held and sites allegedly being used in countries across the world have been compiled as the debate over detention without trial intensifies on both sides of the Atlantic. The US government has been urged to list the names and whereabouts of all those detained.