Peter Marshall – “Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism”



Kurt Nimmo – “Nazi Lover Schwarzenegger: Make Me President of European Union”

Nazi Lover Schwarzenegger: Make Me President of European Union

Kurt Nimmo | April 23, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the washed up B-actor who served a disastrous stint as California’s governor, is now gunning for the presidency of the European Union.

“The Austrian-born former body builder, 63, at loose ends as he tries to figure out what his next act should be, reportedly is being advised by aides to return to his native Europe to run for the EU presidency,” reports the AFP.


Podcast: Episodes XXI and XXII

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Introduction – Episode XXII:

Introduction – Episode XXI:

Notes to show(s): Apologies for the delay with both episodes.  To make up for the delay on episode XXI, we’re posting episode XXII the day after we recorded it, as well as a free bonus segment!  It’s an interview with Peter Schiff discussing the economy.  All great stuff!  Episode XXI discusses the economic meltdown, etc.  Episode XXII discusses Election 2008 and the coronation of our new messianic Dictator-in-Chief, Obama!  Though, rest assured, we’d crap just as much on McCain if he were (s)elected Fuhrer-in-Chief… but because we’re non-partisan around here (well, except for our support of Ron Paul), everyone’s fair game!  Enjoy the show, stock up on guns, buy some storable foods and gold/silver, and get ready!  Things are going to get really nasty–the Rockefellers and Brzezinski demand it so!

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. – “Learning About the State”

Learning About the State

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. | September 24, 2008

What we’ve seen in the last week is the state at work – and by the state, I do not mean a particular set of leaders. If we watch carefully, we can gain insight into what the state is and why our fundamental problem extends far above and below the political party system.

The moment is complicated by the upcoming election, so some people are distracted by the circus of McCain vs. Obama and all the characters associated with that silly little battle. What they are looking at is really the veneer. It is a covering designed to prevent you from seeing what the state is and why it matters.


Paul Joseph Watson – “Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s”

Magazine Promotes Sterilization For Women In Their 20’s

‘Young, Single and Sterilized’ article advertises for birth control clinic founded by Nazi eugenicist Marie Stopes

Paul Joseph Watson | September 23, 2008

A popular women’s magazine in the UK recently featured an article entitled, Young, Single and Sterilized, in which women in their 20’s discussed why they had undergone an operation to prevent them from ever having children. The article is little more than PR for a “women’s charity” called Marie Stopes International, an organization that carries out abortions and sterilizations and was founded by a Nazi eugenicist who advocated compulsory sterilization of non-whites and “those of bad character”.

The story appears in a weekly magazine called Love It (click for PDF enlargement). One of the women featured in the article, Chloe, explains why she decided to have herself sterilized at the age of just 20.

“By the time I was 18, I knew I was never going to change. I couldn’t imagine letting something take over my body and then my whole life.”

“I couldn’t even look at a baby without feeling uncomfortable.”


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Kurt Nimmo – “Poll Du Jour: Americans Favor McCain’s Statism Over Obama’s”

Poll Du Jour: Americans Favor McCain’s Statism Over Obama’s

Kurt Nimmo | September 8, 2008

It’s called the “enthusiasm gap,” when people are not inspired or even casually interested in a political candidate. According to Susan Page of USA Today, the Republican National Convention has closed this gap for McCain, the doddering Senate fixture from Arizona, the statist who loves to spend your money and mine, who enthusiastically supports wars against people who never did anything to us, and calls for more war against more awesome rivals, namely Iran but especially Russia.

“McCain leads Democrat Barack Obama by 50%-46% among registered voters, the Republican’s biggest advantage since January and a turnaround from the USA TODAY poll taken just before the convention opened in St. Paul,” USA Today informs.

Between now and November, of course, the deck will be shuffled again. It’s all part of the show.


World Net Daily – “Nearly 2 in 3 voters want someone else”

Nearly 2 in 3 voters want someone else
Stunning 62.4% of Americans would like to see better choices of candidates, parties in future

World Net Daily | August 19, 2008

A Zogby International poll commissioned by WND shows a surprisingly low 71.7 percent closely identifying with either of the two front-running, major-party candidates for president and a stunning 62.4 percent expressing their desire to see more viable candidate and party choices in future elections.

Unlike any other scientific poll conducted in 2008, this survey asked randomly selected respondents about their level of enthusiasm for presidential candidates and offered the actual alternatives to the major party candidates that will appear on most ballots across the country – as well as the option of simply not voting.

Barack Obama came in first with just 38.1 percent of the vote to John McCain’s 33.6 percent.


Kurt Nimmo – “Georgia: Democracy or Globalist Fiefdom?”

Georgia: Democracy or Globalist Fiefdom?

Kurt Nimmo | August 16, 2008

On Saturday, the malfunctioning neocon wind-up doll, George Bush, went on the radio to address the nation. The Indo-Asian News Service reports:

In his weekly radio address, Bush said it was vital that the US and other free nations “ensure that an embattled democracy seeking to stand with us remains sovereign, secure, and undivided”.

He also said that in the days ahead, the US would continue its humanitarian assistance with the use of military planes and naval vessels.

Bush said the world had witnessed with “alarm as Russia invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatened a democratic government elected by its people. This act is completely unacceptable to the free nations of the world”.

Georgia’s rise as a young democracy had become “part of an inspiring and hopeful new chapter in Europe’s history”, Bush said.

In Bushzarro world, black is white and up is down. Georgia is an impoverished fiefdom, a laboratory experiment for the international bankers and their pernicious NGOs. Georgia, as a member of the so-called Commonwealth of Independent States carved off the corpse of the old bankrupt Soviet Union, is little more than a pathetic beggar for charity hand-outs.


The Green Agenda – “The First Global Revolution”

The First Global Revolution

The Green Agenda | August 15, 2008

“Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer
well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical
nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected
representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.”
– Club of Rome

The environmental movement has been described as the largest and most influential social phenomenon in modern history. From relative obscurity just a few decades ago it has spawned thousands of organisations and claims millions of committed activists. Reading the newspaper today it is hard to imagine a time when global warming, resource depletion, environmental catastrophes and ‘saving the planet’ were barely mentioned. They now rank among the top priorities on the social, political and economic global agenda.

Environmental awareness is considered to be the mark of any good, honest, decent citizen. Multi-national companies compete fiercely to promote their environmental credentials and ‘out-green’ each other. The threat of impending ecological disasters is uniting the world through a plethora of international treaties and conventions. But where did this phenomenon come from, how did it rise to such prominence, and more importantly, where is it going?

Robert Higgs – “Who Was Edward M. House?”

Who Was Edward M. House?

Robert Higgs | August 13, 2008

Edward M. House, a man now almost completely forgotten, was one of the most important Americans of the twentieth century. Given that most high school seniors do not know that the War Between the States was fought sometime between 1850 and 1900, we cannot reasonably expect many people to recognize his name today, much less to know anything about him. I suspect that scarcely anyone except a smattering of history teachers and a few history mavens can accurately state why House was an important figure in U.S. history. Yet he arguably had a greater impact on the past century than all but a handful of other actors.


Pravda – “Nobel laureate Aleksander Solzhenitsyn accuses U.S., NATO of encircling Russia”

Nobel laureate Aleksander Solzhenitsyn accuses U.S., NATO of encircling Russia

Pravda | April 27, 2006

Nobel laureate and former Soviet dissident Aleksander Solzhenitsyn in a newspaper interview accused the United States and NATO of seeking to encircle Russia, and praised President Vladimir Putin for working to restore a strong state.

In a rare interview, the reclusive 87-year-old author, who rose to prominence for his accounts of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s repression and labor camps, told the liberal weekly Moscow News that NATO’s ultimate aim was the loss of Russia’s sovereignty, according to a full text of the interview posted on its Web site edition Thursday.


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Eric Walberg – “Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne”

Zbigniew Brzezinski to be the real power behind an Obama throne

Eric Walberg | July 24, 2008

As the United States election race enters the final stretch, Barack Obama as the candidate promising change is revealing his true colours, much to the despair of anyone actually expecting any change.

His recent call to declare Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, his denial of Palestinans’ right of return, and his support for a Bantustan Palestinian “state” which poses no threat to Israel show how completely he has caved in to the Zionist establishment on that issue.


F. William Engdahl – “The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili”

The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili

F. William Engdahl | August 12, 2008

The controversy over the Georgian surprise military attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia on 8.8.08 makes a closer look at the controversial Georgian President and his puppet masters important. An examination shows 41 year old Mikhail Saakashvili to be a ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied to not only the US NATO establishment, but also to the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. The famous ‘Rose Revolution of November 2003 that forced the ageing Edouard Shevardnadze from power and swept the then 36 year old US university graduate into power was run and financed by the US State Department, the Soros Foundations, and agencies tied to the Pentagon and US intelligence community.


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Michel Chossudovsky – “War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?”

War in the Caucasus: Towards a Broader Russia-US Military Confrontation?

Michel Chossudovsky | August 10, 2008

During the night of August 7, coinciding with the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, Georgia’s president Saakashvili ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia.

The aerial bombardments and ground attacks were largely directed against civilian targets including residential areas, hospitals and the university. The provincial capital Tskhinvali was destroyed. The attacks resulted in some 1500 civilian deaths, according to both Russian and Western sources. “The air and artillery bombardment left the provincial capital without water, food, electricity and gas. Horrified civilians crawled out of the basements into the streets as fighting eased, looking for supplies.” (AP, August 9, 2008). According to reports, some 34,000 people from South Ossetia have fled to Russia. (Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, August 10, 2008)

The importance and timing of this military operation must be carefully analyzed. It has far-reaching implications.


Christopher King – “US Role in the Georgian Crisis”

US Role in the Georgian Crisis

Christopher King | August 10, 2008

The European Union needs to re-evaluate its relationship to both the United States and NATO.

I’ve said recently (see “The USA, Russia and the spinoff from Iraq and Iran” and “Iran’s ‘provocative missile test’”) that US plans to instal a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic are designed to cause trouble between Europe and Russia as well as distracting Europe from US Middle Eastern outrages. These missiles, under US control, are supposed to protect Europe and if you believe that, you probably believe in the tooth fairy. US negotiations for these missiles don’t appear to be going very well since the Poles and Czechs don’t much like the idea of being targeted in response by Russian missiles and the Russians have been musing about installing their missiles in Cuba for a re-run of the Cuban missile crisis and near nuclear war of the 1960s. That would not be popular with US voters. What do do? Are there any trouble spots that can be stoked up to show Russia as an aggressor? What about Georgia and the South Ossetia separatists on Russia’s southern border?


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